Dog Spot on Grass Before Dog Spot Solution.

Dog Spot on Grass After Dog Spot Solution

Dog Spot Before Treatment

Dog Spot After 2 Weeks

Dog Spot After 4 Weeks

Don’t dig up your lawn and re-sod or re-seed. Just follow our easy to use program instructions and your problem is solved.

Program Instructions:

1. Simply sprinkle the Neutralize & Recovery Mix directly on the spots at a rate of 1-2 tablespoons per dog spot.

2. Apply 1/2 of the Recovery & Prevention Liquid to the affected area using the pre-set sprayer. Remember to thoroughly rinse the sprayer after every use.

3. Repeat after 14 days for best results.

Just plug the Free Ready To Use sprayer on your garden hose and spray the area your dog uses. Th sprayer is preset to mix our proprietary formula.

Dog Spot Solution Repair & Prevention Package:

1 lb Neutralize & Recovery Mix
(Easily Treats 20-50 Dog Spots)

Dog Spot Solution Sprayer

32 0z Recovery & Prevention Liquid
(Provides Coverage For Up To 2,000 Sq. Ft.)

Everything you need to fix the dog spots in your grass in one convenient package!