When is the Best Time to Treat Dog Spots

Dog Spot Solution Growing Season Starter Program

Basically, the sooner the better – Start the Growing Season Program as early as possible!

Naturally, this depends on where you live, but essentially, you should think about getting started at the tail end of the Winter, in preparation for the very beginning of Spring. In the South, you will benefit from applications year around, but even if you take the winter off, January and February are not too early to begin. It takes time for the microbes to effectively colonize the root zone of the soil, and begin the beneficial organic processes. You should endeavor to begin applications at least 2-4 weeks before your growing season hits full swing. In more Northerly climes, March is more likely the time to begin to prepare, and after the last freeze and snowmelt, you can begin to consider the first applications of the year.

Rule of Thumb regarding Timing of Applications:

Far South: Use the product All Year Around, heaviest applications beginning in February and March, Mid-Year application in May-June, Mid-Summer boost in July-August, Maintenance application in October-November.

Mid-Zone: Heaviest Spring Application in March-April, Mid-Year application in June-July, Late year Maintenance Application in September.

North: Heaviest Spring Application in April-May, Mid-Season application anytime during the warmest months of May, June, July and August, and Maintenance Applications in August-September.

It is most important to get the treatments started early, so the microbes have time to colonize and begin the process of binding the salts, balancing the pH, and locking up the excess Nitrogen. In many areas, a large concentration of frozen urine builds up throughout the winter months, and the coming of Spring results in its concentrated release all at once onto the lawn. At this time, the grass is vulnerable, having been dormant and weak all winter, and needs the best platform to promote its strong and healthy springtime growth spurt. Because of this, it is very beneficial to apply the largest treatment of the year at the beginning of the growing season, to counteract the heaviest concentration of Nitrogen being delivered.