Dog Spot Myths

Myths About Dog Spots on Grass:

Dog Spots are caused by the unbalanced pH:

Incorrect – If Dog Spots are caused by the dog’s urine being the wrong pH why do you commonly see the grass in the area around the spot turn darker green or grow faster? Because the nitrogen is diluted on the outer most area and nitrogen acts as fertilizer.

Dog Spots can be cured by changing your dog’s diet:

Incorrect – A dog is a carnivore and carnivores must eat protein. In all mammals protein is an important building block that is broken down into nitrogen during digestion. If you want to decrease the nitrogen in your dog’s urine you will need to stop feeding him protein and that can be unhealthy. Also, the salt in urine can not be reduced by a supplement.

Dog Spots can be repaired by Gypsum:

Incorrect – Gypsum has been used on depleted soils after years of growing agriculture crops, but it will not stop dog urine from burning grass. It may lower or raise the pH of the soil but that is not going to stop the nitrogen burn.

Dog Spots can be fixed by painting them Green:

Incorrect – Some products actually contain paint or dye to cover the brown spots caused by dog urine, do you really want to put that on your grass? What if your dog eats the paint or dye in these products? This is no long term solution.

Dog Spots can be patched by adding fertilizer and cheap grass seed:

Incorrect – Adding additional fertilizer will actually make things worse! The grass has died because of excess nitrogen, adding fertilizer only compounds the problem. Cheap grass seed will not likely grow because the spike in nitrogen has not been neutralized. If the new seed does grow, do you really want different and potentially invasive types of grass growing in your lawn?

Dog Spots on your grass can be cured and prevented:

Correct – Dog Spot Solution will reduce the nitrogen blast, it will reduce the build up of salts by chemically binding with them and converting them to usable substances. Dog Spot Solution will Prevent new spots by increasing the helpful microbiological activity in your soil and protect your grass from the nitrogen spike caused by dog urine.