Guarantee Program

Organic Products Marketplace guarantees Dog Spot Solution Professional Quality Lawn Treatment to substantially reduce the size of a dog urine spot within 30 days after 2 full treatments, or we will refund the purchase price less our cost of shipping.

To claim the refund, a dated picture of the spot on the day of the initial application is needed along with a second picture of the spot on the date of the second application 14 days later, and then a final picture of the spot dated 30 days later.

All pictures must contain the same permanent fixture in the shot along with the same tool measuring the diameter of the spot, both before and after. If the dead grass spot has not shown a substantial improvement, a refund will be made less our cost of shipping.

All requests must be made within 60 days of purchase.  The 1 Gallon Refill is for long term maintenance and therefore not included in the guarantee program.

One More Note From A Customer:

Hello there,

I just had to let you know how wonderful your product is! To be candid, I was extremely skeptical at first. Reason being, I thought I had tried EVERYTHING. I had done tons of research on the Internet, and everyone seemed to claim to have the answer. I heard it was the pH, and what I needed to do was give my dogs Tomato Juice – worthless.

I tried the Chewable Vitamins for my dogs, because that was supposed to work, WASTE OF MONEY.

I tried gypsum, NO HELP…

I was about to give up, and then, I read some good information on a site I found

The authors of that blog spoke about the REAL causes of the problem, how it was too much Nitrogen, and how Dog Spot Solution really had what it took to genuinely FIX THE REAL PROBLEM. I guess when you guys named it “Solution”, you really knew what you were doing!

Thank you, very much for providing a superior product. I am glad I tried it, and am a committed long term customer.