Once and For All – It’s the NITROGEN, People!

Let’s all say it together again:

“Dog Urine Spots in your grass are caused by Excess Nitrogen.”

Sorry for being so repetitious, but, even after years of being out there and spreading the word with settled science, we are still confronted daily with a plethora of crazy assertions and snake oil salesmen peddling dangerous “home remedies” that do NOT work, and put your pet’s health at risk.

If you have found us on this web-page you probably know, or are discovering from your research, the “root cause”, if you will excuse the pun, of the dog urine spot problem is excess Nitrogen.

There are typically 3 basic sources of Nitrogen in your lawn:

  • The ambient, or naturally occurring level of Nitrogen contained in the soil as provided by Mother Nature.
  • The Nitrogen that is applied to your lawn in concentrated form when your pet urinates.
  • The Nitrogen that is applied to your lawn in the form of fertilizer, typically a High- Analysis, chemical fertilizer applied by you, or perhaps your lawn service.

As we all know, Mother Nature usually gets things right, and so, the naturally occurring amount is almost never the problem.

As to the second one, your Dog(s), well, they are part of the family and the whole object of this exercise is to enable us to enjoy healthy pets and healthy lawns at the same time.

This leaves our fertilization as the simplest and most effective change we can make to keep these dog spots from happening on a go-forward basis.

Our most successful customers realize that traditional high analysis chemical fertilizers create the situation where the ambient level of Nitrogen in the soil is so high that even a small amount of extra Nitrogen from our dog’s urine is enough to cause overload and result in burn spots. The best long term solution involves using Dog Spot Solution in combination with a switch to a high quality Fish Hydrolysate lawn fertilizer.

Our favorite is:


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Please be aware that new sod is especially susceptible, and you are correct to be cautious. Typically, new sod is LOADED with Nitrogen by the installer so that it has the best chance to survive the stress of cutting, transporting and planting. Also, typically, the lawn owner is encouraged to heap additional high analysis chemical fertilizer onto new sod in order to assure survival. This raises the ambient level to dangerous levels, and results in definite burn spots whenever your pet empties on this new sod.

You should begin immediately, and make regular applications of Dog Spot Solution. It will be strongly advantageous to your sod to have the micro-nutrients and beneficial soil biology colonizing the soil. A side benefit is that the product dramatically improves root growth, and a little known fact is the product was originally developed specifically for new sod installations because of this reason. It is also definitely most helpful to switch away from the traditional High-Analysis Chemical Fertilizers in favor of the high quality Fish Hydrolysate.

You make your initial application, and then a follow up after 14 days. You can do a second follow up after another 14 days, and then you are on a maintenance routine of making applications every 4-6 or 6-8 weeks throughout your growing season.