What Really Causes Dog Spots?

How to Repair and Re-Grow Your Grass

You know the old saying: ”You can have a wonderful, lush green lawn, OR you can have a family dog, BUT YOU CANNOT HAVE BOTH!”

We love our dogs, and we are proud of our lawns, and the reason we developed Dog Spot Solution was because we refused to accept that you cannot have both.

You want an effective and reliable solution? First you have to identify what is Really Causing these Dog Spots.

Simply put, it is the spike in excess Nitrogen that is confined to a small patch of grass typically delivered by your dog emptying its bladder. Female dogs are often blamed exclusively since they tend to squat and empty the bladder all at once – so much so that many Horticulturists refer to the characteristic dead grass spot as “Female Dog Spot Disease”. As many pet owners will tell you, this is NOT a problem exclusive to female dogs! Males, once they begin urine marking (usually around one year of age) will utilize numerous scent posts resulting in several small volume deposits rather than large volume puddles. In this regard, they are “spreading the wealth” and your lawn may be better able to handle these small volume nitrogen bursts. However, this is not the case for the poor young tree, shrub, bush or flower that is victimized by repeated markings of your male dog or dogs.

Dog urine is comprised largely of Nitrogen and will damage your lawn by essentially giving it too much of a good thing all at once. Because Nitrogen is actually an effective fertilizer, the dead spot that results will often have a green ring around it where the Nitrogen has been dissipated and the microbiology in the soil has enabled the added Nitrogen to be used to beneficial effect. By organically improving the biology of your soil, you enable your grass to withstand the blast of nitrogen and turn the entire brown patch into a lush and green patch of lawn. This organic improvement in the beneficial microbiology of your soil is what actually cures your dog spot problem.

Changing your pet’s diet WILL NOT WORK, which is reason enough to ignore this terrible advice.

You may come across many well intentioned, but totally baseless “solutions” on the Internet that recommend potentially damaging and dangerous changes to your dog’s diet. Some people will tell you that you should add things like baking soda or tomato juice to your dog’s food in order to change the pH balance of its urine. The fact is that the pH of the urine has little, if anything, to do with brown spots, and this advice will have little or no effect on your dog spots. Besides being ineffective, the number one reason to ignore these suggestions is that they are also potentially very dangerous to your pet’s health. Damage to your dog’s kidneys or digestive system should not be risked, and your trusted veterinarian should always be consulted prior to making any modifications with respect to your dog’s diet.

So, what is the Final Answer?

The affected area must be treated so that your soil is empowered to handle your dogs concentrated urine. We do this Organically through our results driven and proven solution, which combines a Dry product developed to Neutralize the existing damage with a concentrated Liquid that stimulates Recovery and Prevents further damage.

Both the Neutralize Mix and Prevention Liquid are naturally rich and fertile, containing a unique and specialized organic molecule that is proven to be especially beneficial to all turf grasses’ vitality and durability. As the Dry is applied to the area, it immediately goes to work providing a full spectrum of necessary and beneficial microorganisms to the soil, along with adequate carbon to promote the growth, health and successful colonization of these beneficial microbes. The Liquid product contains these same non-pathogenic bacteria and other beneficial live soil microbiology and will help in penetrating the soil and delivering the microbial activity into the root zone. Both our Dry and Liquid products have the ability to increase the efficiency of your grass, enhancing the overall uptake of the required nutrients and micronutrients needed for successful re-emergence. Both products also contain a large concentration of the very valuable organic polymer which acts like a sponge, perfectly suited for binding salts and holding moisture around the root zones of your turf grass. This Dry / Liquid combination is absolutely the most effective treatment protocol, as it has been demonstrated to bind the salts and naturally balance the pH of the soil. Most importantly, it will attach and hold the excess nitrogen and store it in a form that can be used by the turf grass over time. This maximizes the beneficial impact of the increased Nitrogen from the dog’s urine, while preventing the harmful burn.